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Converting Fundings Into Profits

Rather than a popular notion about Startup being a new company or business formed out of a totally new idea, its main model is built on scalability. Startup’s main focus is on building a highly effable scaling business model. Startups outgrow from their solo founders to huge companies, employ large no. of people, have large margin on ROIs. However, their rate of success as seen in the last decade is quiet small. According to a leading consultant firm, Stage-Gate International, 28 to 34% of middle to bottom performers fail commercially. And 20 to 21% get killed prior to launch. Even top performers have a failure rate of 14%. Our company helps you in knowing your consumer rights and responsibilities to obtain maximum benefits out of government funding.



  • An Exceptional team of developers
  • Highly professional
  • Digital Marketers, Graphic designers, content creators
  • Decade long experience in IT, Media, and Consulting
  • Global Clientele spread across 21 countries
  • Crafting innovative application and web solution
  • Progressing with emerging technologies like AI/ML, Blockchain

How We Overcome Your Challanges?

  • Marketing of your product to its fullest capability by understanding key demographics of target audience and making sure your product reaches the right audience.
  • By creating that perceived value in your marketing message
  • Identifying the area of main problem with the product and developing strategies accordingly.
  • Developing a pricing strategy for the product that is apt, not too low, not too high
  • Getting you fully accustomed to your Consumer Rights and Responsibilities.

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