Many start-up ideas just drop because of

the legal and financial barrier in their way. From small ventures to established enterprises every business needs to appoint a financial and legal advisor to perform all required paper work regarding the business. Sjain ventures can help you in this as we have a team of expertise who can take care of all the processing’s in legal and financial domain. Our services start from business compliances, documentation related to business and goes to investment planning and pitching. All you need to do is convey your problem to us and Sjain's prominent legal and finance experts will get you the right solution.


Advanced Legal and Finance Services Includes

Starting a Business

Starting a business requires a lot of running to different government offices. Sjain venture can do all the running and let you concentrate only on developing your business. Our services regarding starting of a business include:

  • Registration of the company
  • Providing them with GST, DIN number
  • Current Account on Companies name
  • Generating companies PAN card


Compliances refers to the government rules and regulations which needs to be adhered while doing some particular business activity. Sjain ventures can help you in preparing all the required paper work according to the government norms which are essential to adhere

  • Account and closure
  • Updating of records
  • Conversion and ESOP
  • Secretarial compliances

Legal Documentation

Legal documentation needs to be done with lot of care and it also involves a lot of paper work and running to different government offices. Following them is always a breath-taking task and requires a lot of efforts. Sjain provides you with legal documentation services and makes them just a click away for you. Services we provide include:

  • Hiring documents
  • Business collaboration
  • Notices
  • Service or vendor related
  • Investment support
  • Confidentiality

Investment Plan/Projection/Pitch

Our financial team at Sjain ventures are ready to deal with all your finance related issue. Starting from investing the capital in the market to raising funds from the market we can help your business with every related issue. Services we provide include:

  • Preparation of investment plan
  • Pitching of start up plans
  • Providing projection services
  • Dealing in different financing techniques

Discover the Scope of Legal and Finance for your Business

  • Reduces government interference
  • Helps in raising funds
  • Helps in data analysis
  • Provides the information about the performance of company

Partnering with Sjain ventures gives following Benefits

  • We file every document following the government norms
  • Our services are budget friendly
  • Having a team of expert CAs, CMAs and lawyers
  • Served 100+ clients in past few years

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