Organizations are now majorly focusing on

Having right infrastructure setup which is scaled and optimized and fits in their operational budget. Sjain ventures can help you getting that as our Cloud and Infrastructure solutions consists of implementation, deployment, migration & support which creates improved data accessibility and better productivity. Take your business to greater heights of success with Sjain's IT infrastructure services that helps enterprises design, build and manage a highly flexible, scalable and reliable IT Infrastructure.


Advances Infrastructure Management Solutions Includes

Infrastructure Strategy

With Sjain’s infrastructure strategy solution you can segment your infrastructural growth in the coming years. Knowing which technology requires immediate change and what can continue for certain time will help in upgrading the infrastructure in a particular order. Infrastructure strategy can help in

  • Segmenting the infrastructure
  • Framing of a development strategy
  • Creation of the development policy

Cloud Migration Services

Migrating all the business data over cloud will not only reduce the risk of data loss but also provides data accessibility from various locations. Sjain’s cloud migration services enhances the user experience and provides data security at the same time. Some key features Sjain’s cloud migration services include:

  • Easy access to cloud network
  • Reduce migration risk
  • Data security
  • 24X7 ongoing operational support

Hardware Support

Hardware are those assets which require a time to time upgradation and some times needs to be replaced as well. Sjain’s hardware support solution keeps your hardware updated and helps in improving the organizational productivity. Our services include:

  • Repairing and optimizing the hardware
  • Hardware asset management contract
  • Per incident repair
  • Online and telephonic trouble shooting
  • Fee-based hardware warranty upgrades

Backup and Restore

Data is critical for determining the success for any organisation and creating a backup which can be restored becomes important. Secure your data from cyber-attacks, equipment disasters and natural disasters with Sjain’s backup and restore services. Services we provide include:

  • Creating of the backup strategy
  • Backup execution and verification
  • Backup monitoring
  • Consistency check
  • Restore

Discover the Scope of Infrastructure Management for your Business

  • Lowers the risk of data loss
  • Prevents from different existing and emerging threats
  • Fastens organizational functioning
  • Opens scope for continuous development

Partnering with Sjain ventures gives

  • Pricing determined according to the usage
  • Customizations available according to the Clients need
  • Use of current technologies
  • 100% data security

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