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Planning and technology are just like spirit and soul for our consulting team at Sjain ventures. We plan according to the need of your business, with the use of the current ongoing technologies in the market. We at Sjain ventures provide your enterprise with domain centric consultation solutions and help you in creating a better future for your organisation. We have a team of experts who provide IT consulting, define, design and execute IT strategies that drives business growth and expand your business simultaneously.


Advanced IT consulting Solutions Includes

Technology Consulting

Sjain has a team of experts who can helps you in solving technology related problems and ensures that your business runs smoother. We serve you with a deep technological knowledge that can be beneficial for you in growing your business and solving the existing problems. Technologies we deal in include:

  • IT Solutions
  • AI/ML
  • Mobility
  • Blockchain
  • UI/UX and many more

Quality Assurance & Testing

Every product before the introduction in the market needs to be tested to know about the quality and functioning of it, same goes with IT related products they too require quality check. Sjain ventures provides all the quality assurance test required to be done before the introduction of the product in the market and also helps with the required modification and certifications. Some key factors we focus on include:

  • Quality testing of the product
  • Providing quality assurance solutions
  • Using advanced quality testing procedures
  • Making sure business solutions match up with high quality standards

Business/IT/Digital Transformation

Sjain ventures helps business to define new and innovative ideas and helps in implementing them, also we serve in organizational IT products which include CRM, HR tools, ERP and data analytics that helps in transforming the organizational IT structure. Our team of experts also assist in creating and maintaining an environment that encourages digital transformation. Tools we use include:

  • IT architecture design and development
  • IT strategy development
  • Creation of digital content and marketing strategy
  • Helping business to align the business goals with strategic goals

Digital Asset Management

The digital files such as images, videos, and other media files which contains the right to use them are considered as asset. As every IT based organization has thousands of digital assets they need to be managed in a way that makes them available as and when required. Sjain’s digital asset management software helps in:

  • Organizing digital assets in central location
  • Helps in locating media files easily
  • Provides data backup
  • Performing operations on digital files

Discover the Scope of IT Consulting for your Business

  • Introduction to the recent IT technologies in the market
  • Improvises organisational functioning
  • Helps in business and digital transformation
  • Advanced IT solutions focusses on minimising the cost and maximising operational efficiencies

Partnering with Sjain ventures gives you

  • Strategic advisory team
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Time bounded solutions
  • Priority on improving the productivity

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