Ecommerce Platform

Ecommerce Platform

We offer advanced eCommerce application solutions with interactive and innovated features which helps in improving the end-user experience for smoother and hassle-free functioning of your eCommerce store.

Sweetshop eCommerce : We all love sweets, it’s the first thing that comes to our mind on the day of celebration. With our advanced sweet shop eCommerce solutions, one can savour their sweet tooth from the comfort of home to have stress free and hassle-free experience.


Key features


Categorize all that your sweet shop has to offer from sweets, snacks, dry fruits, savoury snack foods and other bakery items under one interface.

Add/Remove items

List a boundless number of items such as all types of sweets, all types of snacks, all types of ice creams.

Product description

Describe your product in detail from item’s images, item’s size & dimensions, item’s weight to item’s rate.

Shopping cart

Add multiple numbers of items in your shopping cart, remove items after adding.

Easy to use interface

Our smooth, interactive and lightning-fast easy to use interface provides best end-user experience.


Admin Panel

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User Panel

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