Job Portal

Job Portal

We build a job portal and job applications that will bridge the gap between job employers and job seekers. Our job portal is having advanced features and precise management system that will help your app user. Job seekers can easily search for segmented job options by using our job portal provided for you.

Key features

Interview schedule

Our online job portal will provide your users advanced scheduled interview feature in which an alert is always sent to recruiter and candidate.

Creating CV function

We provide a function for creating a resume for your users directly from our app by editing the document or by filling the form.

Recruiter director page

Through our app, the users can directly contact the recruiter through our directory page and can apply directly.

Segmented option

We provide options for users to apply for different types of jobs, so there is a wide range of job profiles are provided in a single portal.


Admin Panel

  • Candidate profile
  • Role manager
  • Report management
  • Content managing
  • Employee profile manager

User Panel

  • Login
  • Resume search
  • Job posts
  • Email jobs
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