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Our Blockchain services include designing blockchain framework, developing blockchain applications and providing blockchain consulting.

The Blockchain Development is based on blocks of information cryptographically encoded and connected as a chain so as to result into distributed, decentralized public ledger. The feature that justifies the popularity of blockchain development is the resistance to data theft and tampering.

Blockchain development basically consists blocks which are cryptographically encoded and are joined as a chain to result into decentralized and distributed public ledger. Sjain’s blockchain experts helps you in developing blockchain applications, providing blockchain consulting and designs of blockchain framework. Slowly Sjain ventures is turning out to be a leader in providing advanced blockchain development services to industries in different niches.

Technologies used under blockchain includes
Industries we have served

Industries we have served

Banking and non-banking financial institution : They are using blockchain to perform secure transactions and its also reducing the risk of theft and data loss.

Real estate : Blockchain applications for real estate can help in keeping record of transfer property deeds, land titles, liens, and more, and also ensures that all the documents are verifiable and accurate.

Insurance sector : Blockchain is slowly getting popular in insurance sector as it provides more secure and risk-free platform to perform transactions.

Cloud computing and storage : solutions decentralizes the storage system and therefore makes it less prone to different attacks that can cause widespread data loss and systemic damage.

Technologies used under blockchain includes.


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