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Cloud computing is a remotely located configurable computer system resource which is hosted on internet to store, manage and process data.

We help you switch to Cloud computing by developing applications (SaaS, ERP & CRM) based on the infrastructure of the organization and accordingly tested for security, performance, scalability and capacity.

Sjain’s Cloud service helps enterprises to overcome the hurdles related to the adoption and management of the cloud server and at the same time helping them to reduce the real business risks like data loss. We have created, optimized and deployed cloud solutions for number of organizations and helped them in achieving optimal performance results, as well as we have offered a full breadth of solutions to support organizations cloud needs.

Technologies used under Cloud includes
Industries we have served

Industries we have served

Automotive : Our services of cloud are helping automotive sector to enhance their customer experience. As they are able to help their customer to reach to desired products, as all the inventory data is accessible by all the showrooms.

Healthcare : Healthcare sector is rapidly shifting their database over cloud as it’s helping them to focus completely on the patient. Also, it’s making easy for the doctors to stay connected with their patients.

Financial : Financial and banking sector are getting a lot of help after the introduction of cloud. As the data availability has been made easier now which has reduced time required to perform data-based operations.

Insurance : Cloud solutions have turned out to be of great use to companies in insurance sectors, as our services has helped them to establish real time collaboration and in setting up customer portals that helps customers to keep a track of their account.

Technologies used under Cloud includes.

Amazone Web Service
Google Cloud Plateform
Digital Ocean

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