We are Open Source Experts

The Purpose of Enterprise

Sjain’s always emphasize on spreading knowledge and sharing technologies.

Reason we started developing open source software which can be studied and changed according to the purpose of the enterprise.

We believe in sharing knowledge and spreading technology. Hence, we develop open-source products and software which are released with the permission to study, change and distribute the code depending on the purpose of the enterprise. Alongside developing open source software, we also help organizations to customize those softwares according to their need.

Technologies used under Open Source includes
Industries we have served

Industries we have served

Education: Sjain ventures have provided educational institutes with softwares such as School ERP, E-learning app, websites and many more and have helped them in improving their management.

Healthcare: Healthcare open source softwares include Hospital ERP, fitness applications, hospitals inventory management softwares and softwares which help (helps) in record keeping and all the open source softwares developed by Sjain ventures are operating successfully in different healthcare institutions.

Retail: From e-commerce websites to applications, Sjain ventures is serving retail industries with open source softwares for years now and being a part of their success.

Real estate: Real estate industries uses our software to enhance their security systems and we also serve them with real estate ERP applications.

Technologies used under Open Source includes.

Ruby on Rails
Node js

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