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Absolute Fit

Being absolutely fit is of pertinence in an age where sedentary lifestyle have !

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Absolute Fit

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Being absolutely fit is of pertinence in an age where sedentary lifestyle have !


  • Branding
  • IT solutions
  • Logo and collateral designs
  • T shirt and accessory designs
  • Online promotions
  • SMM & SEO
  • Website development
  • Business strategies
  • Brand strategies
  • Nutrition assessment sheet
  • Offline promotions
  • Events and PR
  • Photo-shoot and Video shoot
  • Bulk SMS
  • Paper ads
  • Fitness software
  • Radio jingles
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Depleting fitness craze amongst youngsters and professionals

Lack of a branded chain of fitness studio in the state

Low turnout and disappointing to alarmingly poor response whilst strategizing brand and business positioning through lay feedbacks

Lack of a dedicated fitness software

Lack of zest in the public to step into a gym for fitness

Lack of a fitness app that is bespoke for every user and fitness freak


The SMM and SEO of Absolute Fit was specifically targeted locally owing to the presence of the fitness studio in two major cities of the state.

Brand strategy catering to a user base which is fitness geek and not so fitness enthusiasts

Creative paper ads and hoardings and below the belt marketing to get subscribers from all backgrounds.

Fierce digital marketing

Amy Jackson invited to inaugurate the gyms -created a wave of excitement amongst the public - more buzz power to sjain!

Creative designs - yes we are creative!

Radio jingles brought significant share of fitness enthusiasts -damn! the Radio's still alive

Websites and a unique app produced for the fitness studio - there's no business without an app


  • The most hot and happening and trending fitness studio of Chhattisgarh
  • The Amy Jackson event was a major turnout with huge revenue generation for the gym
  • The software produced eased the ERP for the client
  • App was embraced wholeheartedly by the youngsters and the young at hearts alike as it removed the hassles of a fitness guru keeping a tab of their vitals at all times - how convenient!
  • Client retained with other verticals to business with - yeah! Client satisfaction is not a figment of imagination
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