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Container Tracking

Say goodbye to shipping uncertainties !

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Container Tracking

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Say goodbye to shipping uncertainties !

Based out in Africa, Container Tracking is a company dealing logistics. Though the company has well organized system of tracking, but since it is manual, it sometimes leads to errors and discrepancies.

Sjain helped Container Tracking to develop a web application which helped the company keep the real-time track of the shipments and hence made the whole system effective and reliable.


  • Web Application Development
  • Real-time Tracking Module
  • UI / UX Design
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Technology Stack


Elementary tracking system.

Human error leading to mismanagement of information.

No real time update.

Errors in calculating the charges based on weight, distance and urgency.


User-friendly web application was developed keeping in mind the wide spectra of users.

Record keeping module was integrated which documents the details of the package.

Billing and invoice modules were integrated to calculate charges based on weight of the package and generate invoice along with tracking code.

The web application enabled the customers to know the shipping container containing their package and track its delivery.

UI/UX was designed such that it eased the navigation through app and improved its usability.


The customized web application developed by Sjain for Container Tracking equipped them with technology and enhanced their overall functioning.

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