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Khaleej Times

Keeping the middle east informed with the latest ongoings of the world !

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8 People

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Khaleej Times

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Keeping the middle east informed with the latest ongoings of the world !

Khaleej Times is the leading news platform of the United Arab Emirates broadcasting political & business news, technological & medical advancements, sports & entertainment events and every national & international update through website, mobile app and print media. Lacking the workforce for their creative content, Sjain became an extended team to provide graphics, content and videos, as and when required.


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  • Content
  • Videos
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Technology Stack


Lacking creative outreach.

Less workforce dedicated for designing graphics.

Need for an extra hand for researching and writing articles.

Occasional requirement of video editing and presentation designing.


Talented and creative graphic designers were appointed to design the appealing and engaging presentations and social media posts.

Content writers were dedicated to thoroughly research the topics and create interestingly informative articles.

Innovative video editors worked on reporting videos and promotional videos.

Enhanced the quality of the overall social media content.


With Sjain as their extended team of creative & content professionals, Khaleej Times improved on their social media engagement. Better presentations, videos, articles and graphics enhanced the online presence of Khaleej Times.

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