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A case for a scoopful of frosty delight !

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A case for a scoopful of frosty delight !

Mental has made significant presence in central India as an Ice Cream brand. Accolades and awards asides the brand has made a name itself a niche in the segment across various states in central India and beyond.


  • Brand incubation
  • Brand strategy & positioning
  • Digital marketing
  • Collateral branding
  • Financing & Liasoning
  • Web development
  • App development
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Ice cream meant only either the Kulfi's or Kwality walls in the state

No brand had sustained in the market thus far selling a bucket full of or even a dollop of iced dessert

Lack of online business in the segment and lack of interest amongst the consumers - c'mon who would want to buy an ice-cream from the internet? Much less via an app?! Ridiculous right?


Quirky branding

Paper ads etc.

Event organization


Creative designing of brand collaterals

A byline to go buy depicting the services as well the user experience

Branding was headed by the strategic marketing and creative department

Quirky name for the brand's -unique brand name to portray the essence of the experience that the company offers

A brand strategy for an effective reach among the targeted consumers in Chhattisgarh through strategic digital marketing

As an aside liaisoning was done to get a couple of cherished fmcg and catering tenders (Without a shadow of doubt the client was elated).

Apart from brand strategy, mental was also suggested an assorted menu of flavors that they integrated in their catalogue adding value to the venture and few more ice cream aficionado


  • Mental, now is a brand that is at par with the best in the country
  • The website designed for the brand has generated a unique base of customers
  • Government catering tender obtained to distribute icy delights in the railway
  • The quirky branding stuck a chord with ice cream lovers across the targeted market
  • With its unique digital marketing, Mental paved way for similar startups in the state to cinch space in the webspace for better business - rolemodel that this brand has become
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