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Rajim Kumbh

One of the lesser known pilgrimages in India !

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Rajim Kumbh

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One of the lesser known pilgrimages in India !

The event had been by and large a traditional fair, held in the quaint Rajim town renowned as the Prayag of Chhattisgarh. The fair was transformed into a Kumbh by the efforts of Shri Brijmohan Agrawal, a politician based in Raipur. Ever since the Kumbh has garnered much publicity; ascetics and devotees worldwide flock the town during feb and march every year for a holy dip in the confluence of Mahanadi, Pairi and Sondur. The major attraction of the Kumbh is the mystic Naga Sadhus.


  • Online coverage and publicity of the 14 daylong event
  • Rajim Kumbh campaign
  • Web launch
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Technology Stack


Relatively lesser known kumbh

No boardroom strategies to begin with - it was all impromptu

The deployed crew had no experience whatsoever with an event coverage of this scale - they had to begin at scratch - extempore

The bandwidth available in the town - a major obstacle during live coverage of the events

Diplomatic hurdles.


Bulk SMS


The onsite crew was allotted the best in class tech tools

Live streaming of significant events and programs

Website launched with strategic SEO done

Google ad for better proliferation across the web

They came up with innovative strategies to mingle with the pilgrims and the dignitaries

The digital media team at the base worked in shifts to seamlessly get the coverages splashed in the social media round the clock


  • The website garnered heavy traffic and ranks first in various search engines
  • The event coverage trended in twitter and Facebook
  • The effort was appreciated by the concerned state government department
  • The Facebook page got organic likes in thousands and as many followers
  • Live coverage despite some technical glitches was a first for some of the ascetics, who invited the team for forthcoming events across India
  • A rich media of images, videos and content produced which will soon be turned into a coffee table book
  • Despite the obstacles, the onsite crew delivered a class event coverage of the 14 days Kumbh
  • The popularity and the reach of the website and the page among the central Indian demographic across varied age group, propelled and acquired a prominent status in the social media.
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