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A flagship of one of the more prominent dairy brand (Sarda) in central India !

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8 People

Designers | Developers | Graphics | Content

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Industry: Vachan


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A flagship of one of the more prominent dairy brand (Sarda) in central India !

Vachan was meant for premium consumers who were looking for a healthy organic role model in the house . It is now a household name in central India; with branding powered by sjain ventures.


  • Branding
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand positioning
  • Digital marketing
  • Collateral branding
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Technology Stack


Lackluster marketing and branding

Misconception about quality milk products

Dearth of premium milk and milk based product in central India; more so in Chhattisgarh



Paper ads etc.

Event organization

Creative designing of brand collaterals

A byline to go buy depicting the services as well the user experience

Branding was headed by the strategic marketing and creative department

A unique brand name to portray the essence of the experience that the company offers

A brand strategy for an effective reach among the targeted consumers in Chhattisgarh through strategic digital marketing


  • Vachan! The brand is become something of an Amul in the local market
  • The website designed for the brand has generated a unique base of customers
  • Without even going out of the box, the brand is now a name to reckon within central India
  • Parents swear by the product and it has everything to do with the brand positioning that was strategically carried out in a period of a couple of months
  • Numerouno - we are kinda overwrought using the platitude repeatedly - but then that's what we have been doing so far; creating brands with an attitude.
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