Making Ventures Agile With Mobility Solutions

With billions of world-habitants engrossed in the mobile screens, there lie billions of opportunities. For your enterprise to be profitably agile having the right mobile application is a must to convert afore mentioned opportunities.

From rural to urban, smartphones are present in every part of the world, making it a platform for promoting, selling and advertising different variety of products. Making it a reason why companies are developing mobile apps which helps them from attracting customers to taking their feedbacks. Sjain ventures can provide you applications for all operating system including android and IOS and help you grow. Application doesn’t only increase profitability but also optimizes the relationship with the customer, having a mobile application gives a feeling of being connected with the company to the customers. So, if you want to attain more customers by satisfying all their needs, then a mobile application can be of great use.


Advanced Mobility Solutions Includes

In a recent survey it has been found that out of all the smartphones present in the market, 82% of them are based on android platform, so if your product targets lower-middle class to upper-middle class people then having a mobile application for android operating system is a must. Now android apps are not limited to just e-commerce companies, companies from different sectors are taking interest in android applications as it provides them with:

  • Better interaction with customers
  • Getting feedbacks
  • Creating a digital presence
  • Increase in profitability

Apple is not just a fruit, it’s much more now. If you want to create an iOS application and target all the users then Sjain ventures can help you in accomplishing your goal. Sjain venture provides with all the solutions regarding the iOS app development and also gives service with regards to maintenance and upgradation of the app. Our services can benefit you as it gives:

  • Real time customer involvement
  • Cost management
  • Classification of customers
  • Getting feedback

Hybrid mobile application gives your customer a whole new experience as it can be viewed over different platforms including android and iOS apps. Hybrid apps are a type of native apps and are developed using technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript. Hybrid mobile app also provides you with:

  • Multi-platform support
  • Code reusability and duplication
  • Gives room for future enhancement
  • Improved security features

To give the best service to your customers sometime you need to go out of the box, third party integration helps you in doing that, it gives you an option to develop custom application that directly connects to the third-party software helping you to add additional features while improving your business process. Services provided by Sjain Ventures include:

  • Connection of applications through API
  • Custom application with API integration
  • Third party related documentation
  • Offering API integration to customers

Discover the Scope of Mobility for your Business

  • Cost effective
  • Improves customer involvement
  • Better feedback
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Optimizes profitability

Partnering with Sjain ventures gives

  • Tailor made business solutions
  • Converting ideas to reality
  • Backend Client Support team
  • Experienced workforce

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