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Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry has become an integral part of our daily lives. With the advancements in technology, FMCG has found ways to solve challenges such as stock maintenance, field employees tracking, managing supply chain & delivery, improved payment & payroll management and keeping up with trending demands of customers.

Having a team of proficient IT professionals, Sjain provide acumen advice regarding the technology solutions to be implemented and features to be integrated as a step towards solving the market challenges. We have provided effectively functional and tested applications with features uniquely customized according to the client’s needs best suited for FMCG industry.

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The national governing bodies across the world are encouraging Small & Medium-sized Enterprises as they increase employment opportunities and help upscale the overall GDP of the nation. As the world is moving towards an era of digital transformation, the customers are becoming well-informed digitally. In order to reach out to a generation of netheads, the enterprises need to equip itself with technology.

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Being a Startup is all about transforming an idea into business and extracting profits out of it. The problems that lead to failure of most startups are the inability of application and lack of insight. Though there are initiatives by government and other bodies for providing funding to encourage the entrepreneurial boost, but limited guidance can lead to pitfalls.

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It isn’t just startups and enterprises which are catching the craze. The social media has empowered netizens to stand alone and become a brand themselves. Celebrities and politicians have always influenced the lives of general populace, but now is the era of artists, bloggers, motivators and activists who are spreading every ounce of positivity and raising voice for all the right reasons.

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While the Agencies focus on bringing in business and delivering the required services with best outcomes and minimum budget, we work in the background as their partners to provide IT expertise. Sjain has a number of skillfully developed tested projects as products which can be customized according to the requirements and delivered within the short span of time.

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