13 Nov 2018

Coming from a childhood which was bereft of even internet to this generation of mobiles, tabs and digital media, a lot of things have changed. The advertising endeavors, marketing strategies, business outreaches, everything has taken a new, advanced and efficient form. Now you reach a wider audience through social media marketing rather than by printing advertisements in the newspaper. All have to be digital.

With every business turning towards web developments and solutions, e-commerce taking control of the retail market and mobiles being the major source of knowledge, entertainment, shopping and everything all day long, it is obvious to have innovative mobile apps which are handy and user-friendly.

Mobile Apps is the best way to penetrate through the market to reach the target audience in the present digital era. Providing the smooth and unique user experience makes the business get into the favored books of the customers. Here we bring some of the latest trends in mobile application development that promise to seek attention.

APM to cope with diversity

The market loaded with a variety of mobile devices along with different network frequency. How a mobile app responds to this diversity of device and network is what determines the app performance and its stability. AMP (Application Performance Management) tools measure the app behavior based on the OS, network and user app usage. It delivers statistics after testing and hence results into quality assured improved app performance.

IoT for smart connections

Advancements in technology are bringing AI more and more into our daily talks. Working on the very basics of AI is the IoT (Internet of Things) which is bridging the gap between different devices. Instilling the IoT in the apps enable the mobile to work as remote for control, automation and monitoring of several smart devices such as lights, fans, AC, appliances, players, etc. Hence, the demand of IoT based apps is only going to rise from here on.

Vibrant user experience with AR/VR

It has almost been a year since Google and Apple have launched ARCore and ARKit making it clear that AR (augmented reality) is the future of app development. With interesting, intuitive and interactive user interface having layers of content, designs and patterns, inhabiting AR or VR, the app gives the user the “augmented” real-world experience which brings them back to your app. So get acquainted with AR app development platforms for a booming future.

Cloud-ing apps

With the number of apps being used in our daily lives, internal memory, no matter how big, tends to lag behind the demand. Hence comes the talk about mobile cloud computing which enables the apps to be migrated to the cloud. It not just eases the data storage and processing but also increases the reliability, speed and security of the mobile app.

Moving securely towards M-Commerce

More and more people are shifting towards the digital mode of payment. Be it shopping online or fund transfer, people are inclining towards using Google Wallet and Apple Pay that do not require physical use of debit or credit cards. Some devices even have NFC payment options. Looking at the scenario there is going to be a need for the development of apps which enable secure transactions through these digital methods.

The market has ever-growing demand for something new and better, it is up to you how you want to cater to your customers. If you wish to give your customers a great user experience by developing an app that eventually gives great leaps to your business then click here.

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