30 Sep 2017

We have been keeping you updated with one of the world’s largest Tech fest GITEX, which is being hosted at Dubai and is kick starting from the 8th of October, 2017. Sjain Ventures will be exhibiting its services and innovations at the much-talked event yet again with full fervor.

Sjain Ventures has been blessed to work with some really progressive and top class clients who have brought in front of all of us the vivid example of “Smart Construction”. We have been readily providing our clients with some of our most productive “Technical Architecture” and “Infrastructure Services”. One of the sectors that will be addressed at GITEX 2017 will also be “Global Smart City Technologies”.

Our Honourable PM Mr. Narendra Modi has started the mission of making urbanization an opportunity to mitigate poverty, illiteracy and poor health of our people etc. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also put forward the thought how cities have to be strengthened through comprehensive and inter-connected approach combined with increased public participation, in order to fight various other social evils of India.

We were thrilled by how “Global Smart Cities Market” is actually taking over the world by a storm. GITEX is inviting participants who are the major players in this field to discuss the pros and cons of it. This enigma is going to be solved majorly at GITEX but for now, we bring you a crisp and clear picture of what do we mean by “Smart City” and in what direction is this Industry is progressing.

A smart city is an urban development vision to integrate information and communication technology (ICT) and Internet of things (IoT) technology in a secure fashion to manage a city’s assets. These assets include local departments’ information systems, schools, libraries, transportation systems, hospitals, power plants, water supply networks, waste management, law enforcement, and other community services. A smart city is promoted to use urban informatics and technology to improve the efficiency of services.

The global smart cities market for information and communications technologies continues to expand at a rapid pace as the demand for more effective citywide management methods become more popular.

The implementation of technology by Governments to create future-facing nations is reflected in the knowledge spent by national, federal and local governments worldwide on technology products. Services is forecast to grow from $430.1B in 2016 to $476.1B by 2020.

GITEX 2017 is going to be an international showcase of the world’s most progressive smart cities implementing the latest tech innovations to advance the efficiency of their infrastructure & delivery of public services.

There are a number of cities actively pursuing a smart city strategy; Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, Manchester, Santa Cruz and Singapore are just some of the names of cities from various parts of the world.

With the hopes of making cities of India smarter and healthier let us all check out what the Exhibitors GITEX 2017 have to offer.