18 March 2019

In an era of advanced technology, enhanced artificial intelligence and digital significance, the innovations never cease to amaze. Moving forward is only possible by sharing knowledge and making connections that help your business to evolve into something which is unique and futuristic. If there exists a problem then there also exists technology that offers the solutions, and hence to find and provide these avant-garde solutions Sjain Ventures went to GITEX 2018 held at Dubai World Trade Center from 14th to 18th October 2018.

With our second consecutive appearance in the grand event, the crowd we attracted was phenomenal. From blooming start-ups and entrepreneurs to established industrialists and tech-giants, our interactions with all of them was refreshing, inspiring and enlightening. The 5-day event gave us the opportunity to expand our vision and peek into the window of possibilities.

We feel proud to have been representing Chhattisgarh at international exhibitions such as CeBIT and GITEX with a wide range of innovative technological and digital services that we offer. Our founder and promoter Mr. Shreyansh Jain showcased the prowess of our IT, MEDIA & CONSULTING services at STAND NO. C1-4 HALL NO. 1, grabbing some of the greatest deals from GITEX. There were on-spot deal signings as well highlighting the excellence we possess in our niche.

With the recent international branches at Hannover (Germany) and Istanbul (Turkey) along with the futuristic approach towards the technology, helped us grab some amazing international projects at GITEX which will be worked on with excellence by our dedicatedly talented team.